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Bondi’s partner, Manuela Ripetti, also a member of the senate, joined him in moving to the non-affiliated Gruppo Misto (Mixed Group). As I write this, we got a search party out scourin’ the prairie to find her! Lord knows this blog ain’t worth nothin without her. And nothing says southern to me like my Aunt Edna Mae’s escalloped cabbage surprise! This is an archived version of Wikipedia's Current events Portal from April 2016. We have done run into a little glitch here in Pie Near Woman world. Paco and Pesky are ridin’ the range, checkin’ the back lower north forty and I got Wetsy searchin’ the upper lido deck on the Love Boat as well. As the day dragged on, the mountain of clothing on my bedroom floor grew larger and larger and I began to get a little panicked. And there was simply no time to drive to Tulsa and find an outfit at one of my favorite boutiques and of course nothing in Bartlesville was good enough for the daughter of a surgeon who had grown up on a golf course and gone to USC! I had to find something to wear that I already owned. And by smashing, I mean that in order to distract him for the lust magnet hitherto known as Tia the Tartlett, I had hurled my pale, red-headed Bartlesville ballerina body into the wooden plank flooring of the Verandah Inn whereupon my skirt did fly up.

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