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Abdominal pain lifting pregnancy

Doing her Abdominal Lift this way allowed Shannon to concentrate on lifting her belly and relaxing through the contraction.Notice how Heather’s labor went from putzing to powerful – yet not so painful.If you start too late it will be uncomfortable, so just wait to start with the following contraction.Try the Abdominal Lift when: The Abdominal Lift and Tuck will encourage labor contractions to be closer together and get stronger when they have been at one strength for a long time (or dilation is not increasing), or in the presence of achy back labor.When not to do it: Shannon and Marcus found the Abdominal Lift significant in shortening their second labor.Levi’s Birth Story Part 2 has a quick mention of this technique.After Shannon did this Abdominal Lift through ten contractions she felt more comfortable.I learned it from Penny Simkin at her Birth Doula Training.Mamapotamus, Heather Dessinger, told me: This technique is to help baby into the pelvis and through the pelvic brim (baby may be -3, -2 Station).When the uterus and pelvis are not aiming baby into the pelvis correctly labor lingers on and on.You will want to move into position as soon as, but not before, the contraction starts.Once her labor picked up again her labor pattern was that of an occiput anterior baby– she had the baby later that afternoon.

By this I mean do a standing Posterior Pelvic Tilt (flatten the lower back).The Abdominal Lift is of the most effective early labor techniques for engaging baby in the pelvis.Try to do ten contractions in a row, resting in between and circling your wrists and ankles for circulation.I helped a couple, Barb and Tom, try an Abdominal Lift and Tuck to move their labor along. The baby was occiput posterior and early labor had been going on a few hours. I was her midwife and suggested an Abdominal Lift and Tuck to help the baby tuck her chin (another use of the word tuck) and rotate to the left occiput transverse.The Abdominal Lift was popularized by Janie Mc Koy King, a Texas Engineer who wrote Back Labor No More.

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