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While each really was a fantastic paddle in terms of conditions the novelty of new surrounds and the challenge of assessing, in my case, unchartered waters made these downwinds very memorable.By being inclusive and easy going, newcomers are welcomed & quickly introduced to our daring nature without disregard to safety.I was on a sojourn of the South including visits to Naples, Tampa Bay, Dunedin, Fort Myers, Jacksonville Beach & Charleston.I was more than pleasantly surprised as the wind blew every single day of my trip. Then with the North Florida Watermen I did a downwind in Jacksonville riding groundswell just beyond backline on the left rudder akin to doing a downwind on an Easterly in Durban, South Africa.With the Molokai looming I didn’t pass up any opportunity to train.There was a big turnout for my first clinic in Dunedin at the Sharkbite Challenge titled Peak Performance.The Epic demo day the day after was smashing with loads of try outs from first timers to old timers.Thanks to Rob & Karen Mirlenbank, the organizers of the Sharkbite for that opportunity.I recently travelled to Florida and South Carolina to attend events and host clinics and I was happy to return to South Africa with the reassurance that the sport of surfski is in good hands in the U. AMy first impression was that the stoke of surfski paddling is alive and well in the U. The custodians of surfski are preserving the spirit of the sport by guiding its growth with the values we find on distant shores.Secondly on a paddlers level I noticed too many paddlers on unstable surfskis.I appreciated the hunger and enthusiasm I experienced in all the groups, which makes teaching and coaching easy and satisfying.Here I focused on ‘Paddling with Purpose’ to encourage participants to actively go after improvement.

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