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I’m presuming that a Mexican pinch of salt is a rather generous pinch, because it was definitely distinctly salty.There’s many tongue in cheek references to be found: from the tag line “héroes de medio caparazón” (heroes in a half shell), to the arcade games at the entrance, to the “who ya gonna call?Finally, we also tried the Mexican beer cocktail ($9).We started off the evening with a drink, and it was only right that the first cocktail we tried was a margarita.These came served in a jar with Tecante Mexican lager, Touche’s salsa and Hombre’s chipotle puree with fresh lime, ice and a salted rim.” neon sign, and the big cheery chicken jugs that pour cocktails out of the beak, just to name a few.We also tried a blood orange Madagascar, made with Casco Viejo Reposado tequila, blood orange and Orange Colombo liqueur, and served on the rocks with vanilla sugar drops and vanilla scented straws ($15.50 / $62 supersize). Did you know that the paloma is the most popular tequila cocktail in Mexico?Touche Hombre make a damn fine one using Espolon Reposado tequila, Agava Sec liqueur, and fresh pressed lemon and lime ($15.50 / $55 for supersize).I dined with a group of other bloggers, and we were seated at the back of the restaurant on the “wrestling ring” table (which I believe can be booked).This was spicy and beery all in one – definitely worth a try. Between us we managed to sample a fair amount of the menu.If you’re one of those weird people who don’t like margaritas, there are other cocktails.The table was under dim red lighting – a very challenging lighting situation for food photography.It’s a good thing they don’t take themselves too seriously, or the place would be far too hip.

The Melbourne craze for Mexican food continues full steam ahead, with Touché Hombre being one of the latest to open in the past month or so.Touche Hombre do a version called La Paloma, which is made from Tromba Blanco tequila, fresh pink grapefruit, organic agave nectar, a Mexican pinch of salt and toronja soda ($17.50 / $68 supersize).Oh, and have you noticed that this was the only cocktail that we received in a glass?The team behind it, Maison Davis, have obviously had a bit of fun putting the restaurant together.They were served in old style metal mugs that had salt crusted on the side, and were very easy to drink.

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