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Crosby eye bolts for lifting

The range of hoisting rings is excellent with a large selection of thread sizes (metric and imperial - UNC) diameters and lengths; that are also supplied with many options of hoisting ring or attachment.The S-279 is made from forged steel, Quenched and Tempered.The threaded shank must protrude through the load sufficiently to allow full engagement of the nut.Furnished with standard Hot Dip galvanized hex nuts. Fatigue rated at 1-1/2 times the Working Load Limit at 20,000 cycles.This is the most popular style of eye bolt we sell, and it's the standard by which other machinery eye bolts are measured.UNC threads available in sizes from 800 pounds to 100,000 pounds Working Load Limit.Thickness of spacers must exceed this distance between the bottom of the load and the last thread of the eye bolt.Applies if shoulder is properly seated, otherwise safe working load of Type 1 applies.These safe working loads are based on the following percentages of minimum proof loads shown in ASTM A 489; 0 Deg - 66.6 per cent, 45 Deg - 16.7 per cent, 90 Deg - 13.3 per cent. All Bolts Hot Dip galvanized after threading (UNC).They have greater durability providing the increased "Toughness" desired in potentially abusive field conditions and a larger opening than standard Hoist Ring bail.Metric threads are available in sizes from 400 kg to 16,900 kg and dual rated in both a 4 to 1 and 5 to 1 design factor.Crosby swivel hoist rings are designed for lifting and slinging application to the highest of quality standards.Generally the Crosby range of swivel eye bolts are regarded as the 'Best available' and therefore expect them also to be a little more expensive.

If the eye bolt protrudes so far through the load that the nut cannot be tightened securely against the load, use properly sized washers to take up the excess space BETWEEN THE NUT AND THE LOAD.Each eye bolt is fatigue rated at 1-1/2 times the Working Load Limit for 20,000 cycles.They are fatigue rated at 1-1/2 times the Working Load Limit (ratings are for in-line pulls only, capacities are reduced with angular loads).The Hoist Rings can Swivel through 360 degrees and pivot 180 degrees, and they come in multiple bolt lengths to meet your specific requirements. Our Crosby HR1000 Heavy Lift Swivel Hoist Rings have a forged bail that provides easily readable "Raised Lettering" showing the name Crosby or "CG" and PIC Code for material traceability.Crosby hoist rings are now available with the Crosby QUIC-CHECK, RFID - Radio Frequency Identification System. All of our Crosby HR-125 Load Rings are available in UNC and Metric thread sizes with all components made from Alloy Steel which has been Quenched and Tempered.

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