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Yeah, I don’t really have a whole lot of problem with vinegar.They’re actually incredibly concentrated sources of saponins.Animals had really no evolution through natural selection really didn’t do that.They’re awfully crispy and awfully green aren’t they? They contain an amino acid that has been shown in the past 35 years to cause Lupus-like symptoms in primates and in rats and even in humans.In a magazine that has to do with Paleo eating and a lot of these I think are testaments to how delicious Paleo food can be and I think that you would say that they look very Paleo to you. Shelley, you’ve been fortunate to have been in the middle of this from the get-go because you were interviewing me before anyone knew about Paleo. Well, because the evolutionary strategy that meats took, animals for the most part, was to run away from the predator or to fight the predator rather than to poison the predator.There’s a couple of examples, like marine animals and animals that can’t move, there’s a few.For you, you would keep the skirt steak in here, you would not use the salt, you’d have some black pepper freshly ground.I don’t know, broccoli is, even though you’re right, it may be in the strictest sense a sprout, we think about it as a vegetable only.Is that one reason why Paleo dies, when they have meat, meat tends to be fairly safe for people to eat.Vinegar is acetic acid, but the way it’s treated in the body in vivo particularly, we don’t drink a quart of vinegar, we sprinkle it on, use it moderately. But the notion that honey is okay as a sweetener is absolutely wrong, it’s ill founded. The mixture is about the same as what we find in high fructose corn syrup.To add salt back into fresh, living wonderful food like this, there’s no necessity and really what it is, kind of stringing on with the addiction that you’ve had beforehand because it’s impossible to get this kind of concentration of salts in these real foods.They high sources of saponins and they’re high sources of a specific weirdo amino acid that seems to promote Lupus-like symptoms in all experimental animals and in humans.In the body, vinegar is treated as an acid and one of the problems with the western diet is it tends to produce a net metabolic acidosis. Little bit of honey in a recipe where it is minor and it’s served with meat and food and what have you probably isn’t going to be a problem.Broccoli is related to cabbage and so broccoli didn’t exist 300 years ago, it’s something that breeders have produced in the last 200 or 300 years and broccoli is just fine because it’s similar to cabbage and basically all cruciferous vegetables.

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