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Dietetics at king's college london zoology

cardio-thoracic imaging & oncologic imaging); neuroimaging for research; pre-clinical / veterinary imaging; imaging sciences and light microscopy.Read more The Master of Engineering in Bioinstrumentation is an intensive, one-year, on-campus, professional degree program.Equips students to pursue a business-based career in cellular therapy or related disciplines.Read more This online Imaging MSc programme from the University of Edinburgh is the first online programme that allows the student to focus on their specific imaging theme.Biomedicine is a broad field of study that concerns itself with the theoretical aspects of medicine and which applies biological and natural science concepts to practice.Read more The programme Cellular Therapy from Bench to Market from King's College London first programme of its kind in the UK, combining biological and medical science with business, law and bioethics.Choose from 5 imaging themes, including clinical / medical imaging (e.g.Read more The Specialized Master of Science in Experimental Biomedical Research provides opportunities for a broad learning experience in the area of biomedicine.The Bio Medical Engineering international master at Centrale Lille is the only one designed to train international students interested in developing their skills in engineering as well as in medical sciences and in business.At the Universitt Freiburg / Universit de Fribourg, this programme emphasizes research training and acquisition of practical skills that will enhance the students' capacity to take on a future employment and/or develop a career in research.Read more La Biologa Molecular, Celular y la Gentica constituyen uno de los campos cientficos ms dinmicos y creativos; con un fuerte impacto social y econmico, especialmente en su relacin con la Medicina y la Biotecnologa.

The students have to choose one of the following specialisations: Clinical Human Movement Sciences, Epidemiology, Health Technology Assessment, Human Health Risk Assessment, Human Pathobiology and Human Toxicology.Este Mster est diseado para proporcionar a los estudiantes una formacin avanzada y una experiencia prctica de los procesos y mecanismos biolgicos as como de las tcnicas para su estudio.What you gain is a solid base in methodology, statistics, biostatistics, laboratory research and communication skills.Career opportunities include areas that interact with medicine and health, such as engineering-based fields that solve biological and medical problems.Designed to develop expertise in the biological, commercial and regulatory aspects of cellular therapy, along with its application in biomedicine.

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