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I couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without needing to stop a lot to catch my breath, and the extra weight caused me to become increasingly immobile with each passing birthday.At that time I was 47-years-old and suffered from severe food addiction, obesity, prediabetes, heart disease, shortness of breath, hypertension, chronic fatigue, bloating, brain fog, low back pain, cracked heels, boils, and general malaise all over my body.Taking just one bite of an addictive food can be just as deceptive and dangerous as taking just one smoke for a former nicotine addict.Instead, it's an ongoing endeavor of flooding the body's cells with a comprehensive array of nutrients to fight disease and feel great for the rest of one's life.Detoxification (or toxic hunger) can be unpleasant.There is no such thing as eating in moderation when it comes to toxic foods’ addictive power.Fuhrman’s nutritional recommendations; and then making the firm decision to tenaciously act upon, and hold fast to earning health back, no matter what.And that was my wake-up call to change five years ago. and eradicated all the aforementioned diseases from my life.Additionally, I’ve also interacted with those who’ve struggled with the nutritarian diet-style, and those insights have also contributed to my understanding of the keys to great health and long term success.Everyone has to cross over the threshold of withdrawal from toxic foods, and for most, it is no fun.It is from all of these combined experiences and observations that I’ve compiled a brief summary below of success tips of those who’ve lost weight, and have kept it off, by following Dr. Success is a direct result of thoroughly studying, understanding, and assimilating the science behind Dr.

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