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The GH3 system is easy to install and straightforward for everyone to use.GH3 rails are designed to be easy to integrate into suspended ceilings.The new GH3 system is a modular design concept whose classic yet contemporary appearance makes sure GH3 installations blend perfectly with both new and existing architecture and interior design. This makes it easy to adjust GH3 set-ups to match individual needs as regards functionality, specifications and budgets.The rails can be mounted on the ceiling, on walls or on supporting pillars or any combination of these.This makes lifting procedures easy, safe and comfortable for all those involved.The ceiling hoists move near-silently along the rails using only a bare minimum of current.GH3 rail system Three different types of rails are available as part of the GH3 system, each specially designed to tackle particular spans and lifting weights.An automatic signal indicates as soon as any kind of service is required.

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