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Hi-Lift makes an adapter that attaches to the lip of the underside if the curved bumpers.7 ply plywood or 3.5mm steel is ideal, or if you carry a barbecue plate, this may be suitable.Some vehicles do not have suitable points to use a high lift jack due to the curved nature of their bodies and their bumpers.To test your jack plate, place 2 bricks 200mm apart with the jack plate on top, Slowly jack the vehicle while observing the plate.Rated 7,000lb when used as a jack, 5,000lb as a winch or hoist.If you try using this type when you are bogged to the chassis in sand or mud you'll understand why it's quite inadequate.The top of the jack is attached with a chain to a suitable anchor point while another length of chain is attached to the bogged vehicle.The standard jack supplied with most four wheel drives can only raise the vehicle sufficiently to change a tire on paved roads or hard packed surfaces when the vehicle is not bogged.There are several types of jack adapters available to overcome this limitation.An adapter is also made that works well with the ARB Bull Bars.A Hi-lift can be used as a jack with the aid of suitable chains.It is best to have a jack plate around 300mm x 300mm when jacking on sand or mud to stop the jack burying itself.The Hi-Lift Jack is a rugged, highly versatile jack that puts you in command of situations requiring lifting, pushing, pulling, winching, and clamping.

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