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Lifting bmw x5 usato

Give the chocks a firm kick to snug them against the tires.If jacking up a car on asphalt, make sure that the asphalt is not soft (i.e. Prior to doing any jacking, loosen the lugs on the rear wheels, place the shifter in Park (automatic transmission) or 1st gear (manual transmission) and securely apply the park brake.On later BMWs that have lifting pads on the undersides of the rocker panels (3 series 92 on, 5 series 97 on, 6 series 03 on, 7 series 95 on, 8 series, X series, Z series), you can use these points for lifting the vehicle with the floor jack.Get out from under the car and give the car a few shoves from side to side. Once you are sure that the vehicle is safe and secure, place the floor jack in a safety position with the lifter contacting the underside of the vehicle and the jack locked in this position.NOTE: After final placement of the jack stands, leave the floor jack in a safeguard position that is not actually supporting the vehicle.Place a pair of wheel chocks in front of the front wheels.DO NOT jack up a car that is parked on dirt, lawn or sand.DO NOT jack up a car that is on a slope (either front to back or side to side).On the earlier models, as noted previously, we can place the jack stands under the outer ends of the rear suspension cross member or directly under the cross member mounts (Fig. On late models, jack stand placement can be under the differential and suspension carrier frame assembly or under the rocker panel lifting pads (Fig. Make sure that the two jack stands are placed far enough apart that the vehicle is stable if pushed from the side.(Note: If you are using ramps to raise your vehicle, you will still need to jack each side of the car high enough to get the tire off the ramp in order to fully check wheel bearings, brakes and outer suspension bushings.Similarly, you need to place jack stands under areas that can fully support the vehicle’s weight when the jack is lowered.Place the floor jack’s lifter under the rubber lifting pad at the rear of the rocker panel (Fig. NOTE: One or more of the lifting pads may be missing from the rocker panels. You can either borrow a lifting pad from one of the other lifting points on your car (Fig. Alternately, as with the earlier models, you can jack under the differential or carrier frame.

This will allow use of the rocker panel lifting pads for jack stand placement.Click below for the Winter, Spring & Summer 2009 Fast Times Preventative Maintenance DIY articles (Part-1: Underhood, Part-2: Undercar-Front, Part-3: Undercar-Rear): Click HERE to see other maintenance articles in the Fast Times newsletters WARNING: Make sure your car is on a level, sturdy surface such as concrete.If your vehicle’s chassis has been lowered using sport springs or a coil-over kit, you may need to back the rear of the vehicle up onto 2″ x 8″ (or wider) lumber in order to get the floor jack under the chassis. On BMWs that have the “A” or “Y” shaped semi-trailing arm rear suspensions (2002, Bavaria, CS, 3 series thru 91, 5 series thru 96, 6 series thru 89, 7 series thru 94, 318ti, Z3), we can jack directly under the rear suspension cross member outer bushing (Fig. Alternately, we can place the floor jack under the center of the cross member (Fig.And even though these vehicles have lifting points on the undersides of the rocker panels, these points are for use only with original BMW emergency jacks: DO NOT use a floor jack at these points, as it can damage the underside of the rocker panels.We will repeat some of that here, but talk specifically about the rear of the car.

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