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Lifting ice experiment procedure

NEVER PLACE dry ice into a closed container such as a soda bottle.The high concentration of CO doesn't melt into a liquid, but rather evaporates directly into its gaseous form. 1 pound of dry ice, when it sublimates (turns to gas) will produce 250 liters of gas at atmospheric pressure, enough to fill 125 2-liter bottles. Dry ice is commonly available from ice dealers in two forms: flat square slabs a few inches thick and about eight inches on a side; or cylinders about half an inch in diameter and from a half to 2 ½ inches long. If you buy less than this you will pay about a dollar per pound.It is also important when crushing or grinding the solid not to get any of the dust into your eyes. A fun (and often wild) activity vividly demonstrates the sublimation process.than it does in air, Just as light travels more slowly in glass than in air or vacuum.Again, this is lots of fun if the balloon is in a pool.F), dry ice can cause damage to the skin if handled.Use tongs or insulating gloves when handling dry ice.A Styrofoam (polystyrene foam) ice chest with a loose fitting lid makes a good container for transporting dry ice.gas that evolves must be vented from the container.Hold the balloon about a foot from your ear, and listen for faint sounds, such as a radio turned low, a ticking clock or a distant conversation, to appear louder.

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