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The vegetation ranges from rain forest in the south, through deciduous forest to grasslands dotted with shrubs which finally shades into the dry desert regions.Nigeria covers an area of some 923,769, and situated between latitudes 4N of the equator.There have been suggestions that more than 45% of the Nigerian populace are under 20 years old and are still of school going age.These variations have combined to produce a very rich admixture of cultures and art, which form the heritage of modern Nigeria.The two major rivers transversing the country are Rivers Niger and Benue, in a confluence at Lokoja, from where they flow through a series of creeks in the delta region into the Atlantic Ocean.This has put a lot of pressure on the educational systems of the country, and eventually on the labour market.The southern part is characterised by undulating hills, occasionally rising to as high as 3000 to 5,000 meters in some places.In some parts of the country, latitude tends to modify the high humid and hot temperature associated with tropical rain-forest regions.The climatic conditions range from wet and humid in the South to dry and hot in the North.Within the past few decades, desert encroachment has threatened human and cattle life in the northern - most parts of the country.

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