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Lifting tires safely

Do you want to be able to change a tire without having to ask for help?The most obvious reason to jack up a car is to change a tire, but other jobs, such as inspecting brakes, may also require you to get under the vehicle.Always be aware of on rushing traffic, especially heavy trucks that create a suction in their wake that can pull you off your feet. Blocking the diagonally opposite wheel will help keep the car from rolling once the flat tire is up in the air. You'll be all dressed up and on the way to an important event when you run over that errant nail.Believe it or not, all that, plus wheels chocks, flares, tire gauge and tire sealant all fit into this shallow Rubbermaid bin. Since flat tires happen year round, you can even fit in a collapsible snow shovel.A plastic kitchen magnet can hold them in a place easily viewed while working.It's not a bad idea to copy the tire change page instructions (double sided) and laminate them.Some cars have hub caps with false lugs that secure the hub cap or are just for decoration. You'll put all the lug nuts in the hub cap or other suitable clean place so you don't lose them.You will a need level, solid surface to jack up a car safely. Using flares or reflective triangles will help give a long range warning that a disabled car is ahead.Even if you already know how, here's a refresher with some helpful tips to make it less of an ordeal. It's not a bad idea to keep an emergency kit in your trunk and disposable, but sturdy Tyvek overalls will help keep your dry cleaning bills down.This example is not enough room, the car is leaning and the ramp is going uphill.Fortunately, changing a tire is a pretty simple task, provided you're prepared and willing to exert a little effort.This is especially important at night or in the rain.Throw in some mechanics gloves, a good waterproof flashlight, hand cleaner, and paper towels.

Use the sharp end of the lug wrench to pry off hub cap.If you don't have a wheel chock, you can improvise with some suitable object found by the side of the road. If your spare is flat or essential tools are missing, there's no sense in continuing.The line separating traffic from you on the shoulder is not an invisible force field.Community Q&A Have you ever been stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire?Changing a tire by the side of the road was a regular event for motorists in the first half of the last century, but with modern tires you may never have had the pleasure of this adventurous experience.

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