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Pg diploma in dietetics and applied nutrition ahmedabad

There are very few training programs for Emergency Medicine while the demand for qualified emergency physicians is massive.As against just 50 MBBS students enrolling to become family physicians a couple of years ago, the numbers reached close to 300 in 2011.Emergency Medicine is relatively new in India but is fast growing to be a critical specialty.Medvarsity has successfully trained about 100 students in the field of Dialysis.The course material has been developed by experienced specialists from Apollo Hospitals and Medvarsity.The Diploma in Family Medicine is a one year course with a 3 month contact program at Apollo Hospitals.Those who train in this specialty now have an exciting career ahead of them as many institutes across the country and abroad are in desperate search of qualified emergency physicians.1900 doctors trained and educated in Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine until date.This program is designed to develop registered and graduate medical professionals into intensive care practitioners through a programmed approach of knowledge and skills acquisition coupled with a critical thinking focus.This program also prepares the student to take full responsibility for the quality of treatment and care of the critically ill patient.Introduction of Family Medicine as a PG discipline has been emphasized by the Bhore Committee, National Health Policy 2002, National Knowledge Commission and the taskforce on human resource for NRHM.

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