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Phoenix force figure 8 lifting straps

Feed your wrist through the second loop, securing the bar in place.For more specific direction we recommend seeking the advice of a fitness expert.This creates a grip which can be used for both over hand and under hand lifting techniques to provide a secure grip on any size bar.Enhance lifting technique" data-product-variation-id="" data-product-id="10637017" data-product-is-master-product-id = "false" data-product-master-product-id="0" data-product-brand="Myprotein" data-product-price=" £5.99 "Twice As Nice - 25% Off Today + 25% Off Your Next Order*Use code: TWICESave 25% off your order today and we will send you a 25% discount code to use on your next order*.Still, you can keep hold of the bar and train the parts you're trying to when you are tired without worrying about grip.Offer valid until midnight 19th May 2016 or whilst stock lasts. *All orders placed between 9am 17th May and 12am midnight 19th May using code 'TWICE' will be sent a follow up email on Monday 30th May with a 25% code to use until midnight 28th July.These heavy duty cotton straps are the ideal replacement for the traditional lifting straps which are known for their impractical and uncomfortable design.These do the job, they are easier to use than traditional straps and get on and off etc.Disappointed hugely with these, the loops are FAR too big, and unadjustable, therefore making them almost useless, the loops are that big it almost makes your hand slide right out of them, I tried them whilst doing deads and shrugs and still find that the normal wrist wraps (the ones you have to keep twisting to make tighter) FAR better, wouldn't advise these at all.

This was especially important after moving house and having to workout on tiled floors.Grip the bar and the strap securely before performing your lift.The Myprotein Figure 8 Straps are designed to loop over the lifting bar whilst your wrist is secured through both hoops.For added comfort and support, each strap is constructed with padded foam sections to protect your wrists.I wanted to try some straps after my grip started slipping with heavier deadlifts.

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