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Iacobus Amor , 16 Octobris 2007 (UTC) mea It seems our persistent Nebrasca vandal is making a point continuing to inflict himself upon us. --UV , 26 Octobris 2007 (UTC) Certainly Latin is not always the same as Latin the word is feminine and singular and categoria. Do our German friends include non-European tales among the canonical Märchen? It will force anyone wanting to expand it to do needless extra work. Categorium would be a weird syncopated genitive plural (I've certainly never seen the word).Taft natus est Cincinnatopoliti die 15 Septembris 1857. The second paragraph might initially be headed "Vita," and of course it will gain subheadings as the text lengthens. If we look into the verbs which are the basis for their formation, speculor: watch, observe, spy out, examine, explore and exploro: search out, explore, test, try out, reconnoiter, investigate. The traditional Eskimo butter festival (see butyrum, butyrumalia, et nebrasca for details)is tomorrow, November 1st! (Märchen indicat omnes fabellas etiam in aliis partibus mundi.) --Alex1011 , 6 Novembris 2007 (UTC) I'm not sure whether Compton Mackenzie is our first spy or secret agent. "Emissarius" was the best I could get from my dictionary. Iacobus Amor , 30 Octobris 2007 (UTC) Please see Disputatio: Mancunienses Uniti. Another (White's) has the first two and adds that speculator was used by both Cicero & Caesar, and explorator by Caesar. Don't really know where you got that, Hendrice.--Ioscius In manu scriptis musicae medievalis et eorum editionibus modernis, saepe invenitur verbum Euouae, quod consistit in vocalibus verborum "[in secula] seculorum. Iacobus Amor , 29 Octobris 2007 (UTC) Ah, now I see: Cestoda is a class and therefore plural, and Cyclophyllidea is also plural, so I've changed the phrase to cestodorum cyclophyllideum 'a cyclophyllid of the cestods', which seems to be what it's trying to say; of course biologists may have a better formula for it. How should we handle the "thereafter referenced" names? I think we need a single method and club names from across different sports are springing up all over the place at the moment). 1In Spanish it is Cenicienta which I do not know how to translate properly, but ceniza is "ash" and -enta is and adjectivation coming from the Latin -ns (it would be something like covered in ashes or ashe-coloured).¶2 On this thing, fabulae is in my opinion too wide, despite the fact that fabula in spanish has a very precise meaning--Xaverius , 31 Octobris 2007 (UTC) Re categories: you might consider if the proposed category is for European stories only, or whether it includes folktales from, say, indigenous peoples of Brazil.Gulielmus Howard Taft (natus Cincinnatopoli in Ohio die 15 Septembris 1857 - Vasingtoniae obiit die 8 Martii 1930) fuit magister iuris apud Universitam Yalensem, vir publicus, vicesimus septimus praesidens Civitatium Foederatarum Americae a die 4 Martii 1909 usque ad diem 4 Martii 1913 et decimus dux Tribunalis Supremi (Anglice Chief Justice) ab anno 1921 usque ad annum 1930. Factus est magister iuris apud Universitam Yalensem. Iacobus Amor , 31 Octobris 2007 (UTC) Yeah, even the back of the CLC lists scout first. Nevertheless, it's probably what a Roman would have said and most dictionaries seem to prefer this and speculator. Electus est vicesimus septimus praesidens Civitatium Foederatarum Americae . It has this model attestation: Speculandi causa missus erat in Ciliciam 'He was sent as a spy into Cilicia'. Stipulas, obviously, are acknowledged by their authors to be incomplete: they shouldn't be designed so as to impede their expansion. Further, no word in the whole language (watch Muke or Iustinus or Fabullus or Neander or Iacobus come prove me wrong) that has its singular form terminate in ~ae.

Should we use the names of the imhabitants of the city then urbs or uniti afterwards? Should we just keep them how they are in their native languages? The only two clubs likely to have sources are Mancunienses Uniti and Armorum Fabricatores (Arsenal). Iacobus Amor , 31 Octobris 2007 (UTC) Nicolaus Gross habet "fabellas Grimmianas", Grimms Märchen. The form I've suggested above is more amenable to growth. Too bad he is incapable of directing the energy to creating rather than destroying.--Rafaelgarcia , 24 Octobris 2007 (UTC) For the record: As the bots Usor: Volkov Bot and Usor: Alleborgo Bot appear to do good work, I asked our grapheocrates to grant them bot status so that their edits will no longer show up in Specialis: Nuper mutata. I don't know whether we should be translating football club names.Factus est magister iuris apud Universitam Yalensem, vicesimus septimus praesidens Civitatium Foederatarum Americae a die 4 Martii 1909 usque ad diem 4 Martii 1913, et decimus dux Tribunalis Supremi, ab anno 1921 usque ad annum 1930. It will grow drastically at the points marked (here for illustration only) by ellipses: Taft natus est Cincinnatopoliti die 15 Septembris 1857. Emissarius looks more suitable but maybe less classical. Prepare the butter statues of your ancestors, and make the customary sacrifices to your household deities to ensure a plentiful butter harvest in the year to come. Cuando traduciendo de un idioma a otro, es muy util poder communicarse en ambos o mutiples idiomas.

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