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Runner with cellulite

When we lift weights we tear down certain body parts at a time.Most of them mainly run now because now they CAN run, when it used to not even be an option before BCx Boot Camp.RUNNER’S PERKS: Running improves your cardiovascular system, strengthening your heart and lunges It lowers your blood pressure.So runners, you can STILL run, but just be careful and work to maintain a healthy balance.However, runners may run every day, continually beating the body up with little rest.Komen, etc) Runners may live longer because their heart beats up to 36,000 times less a year than an inactive person Subscribe to my p FITblog today!How effective is jogging really when it comes to eliminating the appearance of that orange peel skin?Although I am a runner and love the benefits of it, there can be some negative side effects if that’s all you do. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest (Basal Metabolic Rate). The truth is, you may not have MORE fat, but you could likely SEE more fat. Because without the plump, tone muscle behind the fat, the pockets of fat have no support and are more noticeable. I picture thin peeps jogging it out every day, lookin’ and feeling good – but that is not always the case. They jiggle in the middle, their butt sags, their thighs flab, but they wear a size 4.This is why some of our fit BCxers, who turned into runners, are getting injured.Many runners may be doing their body (and physique) more harm than good. If you aren’t preserving muscle with resistance training and getting enough protein (I take 100-125gms a day) you could lose valuable muscle that gives you the fit and firm shape you want. Our metabolism is primarily based on our muscle mass.You’ll not only FEEL better, you’ll look better too!

Have you ever asked yourself will running help me get rid of cellulite?It’s convenient and affordable It burns calories to aid in weight loss Your body secretes mood enhancing hormones to fight depression Running relieves stress It also boosts confidence when you set, and reach, goals Running helps smokers improve lung health and air capacity It gives you a way to support various causes (Susan G.However, their body can’t take the constant beating and eventually it starts screaming at them.We work on legs one day or upper body the next, giving our body a chance to rest in between.I am a runner, but I also do hit the weights HARD – and as you can see (that’s me on the right), my legs don’t look like a bodybuilder. The best way to get rid of fat is with diet and cardio, but the best way to fight visible cellulite is by shaping up the legs with weights. Like I said, I LOVE running and value it, but too much of anything can be a bad thing.

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