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Scriptures lifting god up

Could be that you’re making a major transition in your life. Engaging in spiritual exercises like prayer, reading the Bible and abiding in God’s presence can help us tap into special power that only God can provide. when we “wait” on him, we are able to receive his up your Bible and read some of the scriptures about on the lists I’ve provided below.When we are dependent upon God, when we surrender to him, when we rely on him and ask Jesus to live his life through us, we’re actually living by his power and strength.You see, if we try to be strong in our own might, we don’t give God the opportunity to use his strength as he lives through us. Do you need more energy and power to run your race?Get to know Him better and see if He doesn’t bring you more inner strength. l with those who are stressed and coping in unhealthy ways. When we believe and trust what we read in scripture and in how God works, our hope is bolstered.For scripture citation search, a drop down menu will show all the available citations as soon as you start to type.Perhaps you’ve made plans to visit a national park and now find that it’s closed for business. Do you need more energy to run this race of life that you’re in? A verse about strength that is very familiar to many people is below. Those activities can provide us a level of fitness that enable our bodies to function physically, yet we also need additional inner strength to be able to function well.Maybe you don’t know how to apply the new Health Care law to your life. Fortunately, our Creator gives us many scriptures that relate to how we can have strength in God. Yes, we can work out by lifting weights and taking our fitness walk.It’s the same that the Psalmist writes about in Psalm 138:3 when he says “As soon as I pray, you answer me; you encourage me by giving me strength.” There is another key biblical principle to consider regarding strength.

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