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Skin lifting acne scars

So I slathered the MSM cream on my face once a day, religiously.When I turned twelve, I started getting some annoying pimples on my face.Around that time, I stayed for a week at my sister’s house, relaxing my skin care regimen and this included the MSM cream.One dull October day last fall, I was wandering through one of my favorite health food stores (Henry’s) when I stumbled across the skin care section and hawked a few random gems: a bottle of avocado oil, jojoba oil, Aztec clay, and a jar of MSM cream—most of which ended up just occupying space for the next few months since I was too timid to try anything new on my inflamed face.Let me start out by giving a very brief background of my skin history.Come mid-January though desperation kicked in and I decided to give one of them a go, inflammation or not.Also, I have noticed that pimples I do have heal a heckuva a lot faster when I glob a little of the cream on.Then my face began doing something it never had before: it started scarring, deep rolling scars and a full face pinkish-red pigmentation.

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