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The training program I’m sharing here on Breaking Muscle has been prepared for a professional MMA fighter, Richie J. The first eight sessions are part of his strength phase.It starts with 30-seconds [running] on a treadmill all out and then we jump off and do a specific workout.My strength and conditioning program is different than most other guys’, because I’m not focused just on becoming a better MMA but becoming a better athlete—run faster, kick harder, be stronger.The training program has to address all of the above qualities without compromising one another.It’s hard getting enough food in and still making [the lightweight division].”“It gives me good energy, and I know I’m getting the right stuff from it.The Hurricane is a mixture of treadmill work and a bunch of different martial arts-specific things.An MMA fighter has to be strong enough to dominate the opponent, throw powerful punches and kicks, absorb impact, and be able to resist a constant application of force.It’s an intense 40 minutes of straight performance conditioning.”“I eat in blocks of food—carb blocks, protein blocks. We want to eat as much as possible to perform but still lose weight.“I have to be with my shirt off in front of the entire world—I’m pretty much fighting in my underwear—so, yeah, I get some positive remarks,” Pettis says.

Following his strength phase, we moved into a power phase.The sessions have been presented exactly as they happened without modifications, so you will be able to see when they had to be changed or when Richie was under-recovered. I will not be going into the technical mastery of various martial arts, but looking at it more from the strength and conditioning coach point of view.I have used a linear periodization method this time and trained Richie two times per week.“Sometimes, I feel a little fat,” admits the 27-year-old Milwaukie native.

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