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World record of lifting weight

Those born later are at a distinct disadvantage, especially in the early years of development. I also eliminated any categories from my comparison that were not contested in all age categories.In addition I eliminated the superheavy categories from both in a supplementary averaging since they tend to skew things more than is desired.In a similar manner, a junior competitor is allowed to compete until December 31 of the year they turn twenty.This shows a very competitive situation and points out the fact that in order to hold the world records as a senior, you had better be strong already as a junior.A youth competitor is allowed to compete in that age category until December 31 of the year that he or she turns eighteen.They have three age categories, youth, junior, and senior.But what we can take home from this is still a general idea of the potential for high performance levels at an earlier age than what was once thought.This was roughly the age when adolescence was substantially complete and the new lifter could proceed without worrying about "However, to be lifting 90% of the already high men's world records while still only seventeen or eighteen years of age implies that those lifters must have started at a significantly younger age in order to have time to develop to those levels.If you're starting to lag at age eighteen and nineteen, your hopes of reaching the top are much diminished.While the seventeen-year-old youth category lags behind somewhat, it is more surprising that they are as high as they are.The one thing that struck me was the high standard of not only junior athletes but the youth competitors as well.A lifter simply does not get to this level overnight.Someone born on New Year's Day has virtually a whole year of eligibility compared to somebody born on New Year's Eve.

The senior category includes everybody, regardless of age.The men are not so high in the youth category, managing only 90.8%, while the juniors close the gap, lifting 97.8% of the senior world records.Clearly this arrangement gives a distinct competition advantage to athletes born early in the year.It was long conventional wisdom in weightlifting circles (and still is in some medical ones) that one should not begin weight training until sixteen to eighteen years of age.And here what we see, regardless of age category, is that women are lifting at 80-83% of the male world records.

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